Special Care

For our clients at Simplex Health and Allied Services, Inc. care is always specialized. We customize the care plan that we provide to clients. This ensures that the services included in the program they are admitted or enrolled into will be aligned with the recommended therapy by their attending physician.

In determining your Care Plan for Special Care, we conduct the following procedures:

  • Assessment of Home Care Needs by a Registered Nurse or Care Coordinator
  • Coordination with your Physician to finalize the Care Plan
  • Determining the Care Schedules or Visits to your Home
  • Matching your care needs with a professional from our team
  • Conducting visits to your home to provide Specialized Care

Let us help you achieve better health through Specialized Care in your home. Please call us at Simplex Health and Allied Services, Inc. to request for assistance. You can reach us at 713-334-7266.