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For Inquiries, Please Call: 713-334-7266

Re-learn necessary life skills through our occupational therapy services with the help of experienced licensed occupational therapists.

caregiver assisting womanSimplex Health and Allied Services, Inc. offers occupational therapy services to help re-educate clients with the skills necessary to return to their work as well as their daily lives. Our licensed occupational therapists provide the following:

  • Home Safety Training
  • Educating Client in Work Safety Measures
  • Work Simplification
  • Coordinating Activities to Enhance Independence
  • Muscle Control Training
  • Enhancement of Upper Extremity Strength
  • Restoring Sensation and Sensory Function
  • Pain Management
  • Training in the Use of Mobility Assistive Devices

Kindly give us a call at 713-334-7266 for more information about our services or schedule your appointment online.

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