Home Care Eligibility

At Simplex Health and Allied Services, Inc. we will be glad to help you determine if home care is the most appropriate way for you to manage your health. Usually, we refer to your physician for recommendations on home care after hospital discharge or surgery. However, if you do not have a recommendation, we can coordinate with your physician in your behalf and determine your eligibility for Home Care.

Home Care Recipients generally have the following conditions or health needs:

  • Individuals confined to the home due to illness or injury
  • Discharged from hospital or nursing home and have continuous need for care
  • Post Surgery patients with the need for home care
  • Terminally ill patients who want to remain at home for care
  • Clients or caregivers who need to be taught about their medications, illness and treatment plans
  • Clients with limited physical and mental capacities needed skilled nursing services.

We invite you to set an appointment with us for an assessment of your home care eligibility. Please use our online form. We will confirm with you as soon as we can.