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For Inquiries, Please Call: 713-334-7266

Our entire team is dedicated to the delivery of excellent home health care to our clients.

At Simplex Health and Allied Services, Inc., we understand that a lot of patients require a level of care that will enable them to remain at home yet receive the support they need. Many of them also prefer to stay at home and live more independently despite their medical conditions.

We are a licensed and Medicare-certified home health care agency that provides cost-effective and quality home health care services that can be customized to tend to the individual needs of our clients in their homes. Our team of healthcare professionals including skilled nurses are experienced and dedicated to helping our clients in their short-term and long-term rehabilitation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients live an improved quality of life by meeting their care needs right at home. To fulfill our mission, we provide a variety of home health care services rendered by highly competent staff.

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Give us a call at 713-334-7266 to inquire about our services. We’d love to assist you at home!

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